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Interesting fact—I went to a small college to play basketball, but I actually ended up at the U of A playing baseball before tearing my Achilles tendon! I’m a Little Rock native and graduated from Central High, so I’m really happy to be back in my hometown working with iProv.

Playing sports in college taught me a lot about human nature. When you are playing someone and they are losing, their true colors show. It’s the same in business—I’ve grown to respect many of my colleagues and clients because of how they react under pressure and how they fight through a tough spot.

I enjoy working at iProv because it is a close-knit team where each person plays a unique role. It’s great being able to use my creativity in a place where that is valued, and to connect with clients on a personal level. It is my job to talk with our clients about their business’s goals, and then find solutions to get them where they want to be!

Personally, one of the most interesting things about me is that I am adopted, and my dad is old enough to be some peoples’ great-grandfathers! He is a psychologist, and is working now more than ever… just because he loves it.

I also have vitiligo, which leaves my skin white in some places. These patches of white skin soon became an identifier for me growing up, and when I was 16 the nickname Patches was born. Now, people all over my home state (even in a business setting) call me Patches. And I love it!

When I’m not at work, you’ll find me at the basketball court or lounging with my fiancée, Norma, and our two dogs.

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