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About Me

Darla Yarbrough

I’ve been known as the girl who “gets stuff done.” I’ve never been afraid to take on a task, no matter how big or how small. To me, each task is equally important. I’m super organized to a fault, and I’m great with follow up. And don’t get me started on deadlines – I live and breathe by them!

Creativity drives me, so I’m always looking for ways to be creative. They say that there are no “new” ideas, but I believe there are plenty of new ideas – you just have to be willing to explore them.

My path to iProv was a little nontraditional. I was first hired to handle the books for them and their sister company, Scale Technologies. I really enjoyed my role as the bookkeeper; I even earned a new nickname – Darla Bill$. But, it didn’t take long before I started to get that creative itch and offer my help in other areas of the company (specifically on the marketing side).

That position grew and is what led me to hang up my bookkeeping hat and take on the role as VP of Client Services. I love building relationships with people and coming up with creative ways to build a strong message that will help our clients grow their business. I’m only happy when my client is happy!

But, most of all, my world revolves around my daughter. Everything I do is for her, personally and professionally. Our favorite things to do are watch movies, get our nails done, and girl talk. You can learn a lot from the mind of a pre-teen!

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