About Me

The thing that I am most passionate about professionally is customer service. I truly believe that this can make or break a company, yet it is so overlooked! As a Junior Account Manager, I love getting to know each customer’s story, and one of my strengths is building trust with our clients.

Before working in marketing, I was a strength and conditioning coach and I’m still pretty active in athletics. RJ (iProv’s CEO) and I have been friends for a while, and I originally met him at Westside MMA. We had a couple meetings to discuss the account management position, and here I am!

Personally, I love to be active and travel to new places so that I can learn how other people tick. Fun fact: I was born on a small Island called Trinidad and Tobago in a town called Port of Spain. Another fun fact… I’m obsessed with mini cows! Don’t even get me started on how adorable those animals are, because I could go on for days.

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