VP of Sales and Marketing

About Me

Fun fact: I met RJ in a bar! We started talking about the industry, which always interested me, and I was ready to learn something new. I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and push the boundaries of what I thought I was capable of.

Over the past two years, I have built relationships with clients by getting them to think about their business in a different way. I like helping them improve on things that they may not have considered otherwise. My ultimate goal is just to make a difference in their company. I take every opportunity to offer them a new perspective on their IT or marketing costs to help grow their business.

Each of my clients is a unique snowflake that is very special to me. I am there to listen to their company’s problems and to talk through their personal struggles. I make it my job is to exceed their expectations on a daily basis. My hope is that my work reflects how much I care about their success.

My personal passions change a lot, but overall I enjoy educating myself on anything that I knew very little about before. One week it may be lucid dreaming, the next it may be metropolitan infrastructure. I’m kind of ADD like that. I like talking about pretty much everything, so join in on the conversation!

I want to be remembered as someone who brought some value to everyone’s lives. Whether that be with an idea, a story, or a laugh, I hope that I can improve some aspect of their life no matter how small.


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