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About Me


Working in video production is perfect for me because I am passionate about cinematography. I like the idea of a lens is a window into a moment in time; if captured right, video can show emotion and tell a story that photos just can’t. I am most excited about capturing those kinds of compelling moments for our clients.

Fun fact—I have been creating video for about 10 years now, but my love for film began as a kid on the streets of Morrilton with my friends making zombie films about a pizza delivery guy! I like that iProv is a company that can appreciate the power of video and how it can help clients and their businesses reach their full potential.

When I’m not at work creating video content, I love sports, good crime shows, and visiting some of the great spots that Arkansas has to offer. Traveling would be impossible for me to give up because there are so many beautiful places to see, and I want to experience as much as I can!

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