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about lauren shaver

I am passionate about working somewhere that I feel I can be creative and challenge myself. As an Account Manager and Former Marketing Strategist at iProv, I love that I can contribute to a team that is working toward goals that they truly care about! Business all comes down to people, so I hope that my clients would say that I am skilled at understanding people and working to build a marketing strategy that suits their specific needs. I received my Bachelor of Business Administration in Management and created a focus in Marketing at Harding University. I have previously worked at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) as a marketing coordinator for the dining services team, as well as coordinated with UAH affiliated departments.

Personally, I try to appreciate the little things. I’m constantly striving for self-improvement, and I try to give everything my best effort. I really enjoy competitive activities, since I grew up playing various sports (especially volleyball). When I am not working, you will probably find me at a coffee shop somewhere, or exploring the great hiking spots in the area. I also love reading and can be found on Sunday afternoons at home or at a library/coffee shop reading a good book.

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