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Sarah olds

Reading and writing are notable components, and I love that I can incorporate those two things into my daily job while putting my English degree to good use. I’ve always been passionate about literature, but I think my favorite part of the job is my contribution to someone else’s story. Whether is just writing about an event that’s going to be taking place, or a ‘story’ about a client’s product, I enjoy the experience of learning about someone else’s perspective. I find that a person’s perspective is unclassifiable—it’s unique, and the idea that it might have been told a million ways already, but now it’s my turn to add my own touch to it, that excites me. I am eager to lend an empathetic ear to help better understand our clients’ stories and how they want the world to portray them.

When I’m not working, you can typically find me with my daughter Everleigh. Together we believe in the magic of flying with dragons, dancing with fairies, swimming with mermaids and the sparkle of unicorns. My days tend to consist of voicing stuffed animals and hanging out with her, but when I have downtime, you can almost always find me curled up with a book or just relaxing and watching a movie with my family—like Harry Potter. 50 POINTS TO SLYTHERIN!

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