About Me

Phillip Young

Before I came to iProv, I spent the past 5 years working for Apple. I have done everything from sales to customer and employee training, ending my time there as a Tier 2 Technician (aka Genius). In addition to working for Apple, I have been running my own photography and videography company for several years. Through that, I have been a part of many commercial projects for Heifer International, Hot Springs Village, and Keller Williams Reality, to name a few. I have also won 8 film festival awards for my work.

I am a strong believer in helping out where ever I can when working as part of a team. You can count on me to be genuine, honest, and empathetic as I come up with creative solutions or foster a new partnership.

My goal is always to come up with the best solution for any given issue or, even better, prevent issues in the first place. With my new position at iProv, I am most excited about the opportunity to have an impact with our clients and partners directly in the most positive way possible.

Outside of my career, I have been skateboarding for most of my life. That has allowed me to do a fair bit of traveling and make a ton of connections. One connection of which I am still involved with today is the Make a Wish Foundation. Once a year I travel to Houston to meet up with friends and business owners in the skateboarding industry for a Make a Wish event. I strongly believe it is a great cause full of so many passionate, amazing people.

My creative outlets are really important to me. I am very passionate about almost anything that involves looking through the lens of a camera or spending time with my wife and our pets. I am slowly remodeling our house and really enjoy working on cars and fixing things to make them better in my free time.

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