Co-Founder and General Counsel

About Me

My brother RJ and I started iProv in 2001. The idea was born from a business plan we entered in the first Donald W. Reynolds Governor’s Cup competition. We may not have won, but that didn’t stop us! RJ and I were both full-time students then: I was majoring in graphic design and he was studying computer science. We started with developing software and applications, which grew into designing and building websites. From there, the rest is history.

From the beginning, I have been passionate about putting out high-quality products. I hold my team to very high standards. If my name is going to be associated with something, I want it to be good. I expect our team to produce impeccable work, whether that is a perfectly-written article or a beautifully-designed website. My ultimate goal is to hear our clients say, “Because of Roxane and her team, my company is now putting our best face forward to the world and we have never looked better.”

I may sound tough, but at heart I am just a hardworking and strong woman that you can count on. Sometimes rough exteriors can have surprisingly soft insides!

Although I don’t talk about it much, I am passionate about exercise. Outside of the office, you can find me at the gym, outside being active, or sitting in a coffee house drinking tea. I can’t live without my tea! Coffee, on the other hand, is not my bag.

When you visit our office, prepare to be greeted by my dog, Badgley. He has taken over my life and the office, so I like to think of him as the unofficial iProv mascot. Just hold him and pet him, and you will fall in love, too.


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