About Me

Wesley Sayles
Above all, failure drives me. Now that I have your attention, allow me to introduce myself (I’ll get back to that part later). I’m Wesley Sayles, the newest videographer on the iProv team. I’m a Jacksonville, Arkansas native with a passion for videography and a drive dedicated toward perfecting my craft. I’ve invested and dedicating my life to my videographer skills for nearly a decade. Despite not having formal training, I’ve worked hard to develop a unique, in-demand style of videography that I’ve crafted through much trial-and-error. I believe I’m a living example that unconventional methods, failures, and a lot of hard work can ultimately help drive you and aid in accomplishing your goals. When I’m not working on videography, you can catch me enjoying time with my friends, longboarding, or exercising at the gym (I won a lifetime membership to 10Fitness!).

I’m excited to bring my skills to the iProv team, learn the corporate side of videography, and take on this new challenge with vigor and my signature go-get-’em attitude.

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