Marketing Coordinator

About Me

What excites me about working at iProv is the opportunity to work with creative people and craft a product that is valuable to our clients. I also enjoy that the company culture here is friendly, welcoming, and conducive to learning.

Professionally, I like to learn new processes and stay up to date with the latest ways to optimize web content. Keeping in mind what a client wants to convey and still optimizing content for search engines (and for what a real person wants to read) is a delicate balance, and I think that I capture that balance quite well. I would like to be remembered by our clients as someone who gets things done quickly and with a friendly attitude.

In my personal life, I have two speeds. High energy (I teach indoor cycling at LA Fitness—come see me sometime!) or very chill (lounging at home or tinkering in the garden). Hanging around Little Rock and trying out new restaurants with friends and family is my preferred weekend activity.

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