Arkansas Philanthropists of the Year 2014
CEO of Advanced Tissue

About Me

Kevin Lamb is the co-founder and CEO of Advanced Tissue, the national leader in the delivery of wound care supplies, and a movie producer with more than a dozen credits to his name. Kevin’s goal is to use video to improve health literacy and enable patients to recover their independence so that their conditions no longer govern their lives.

After three decades in the medical industry, Kevin has developed a reputation for originality, compassionate care and putting the patient first. By working directly with patients, physicians, caregivers and providers, Advanced Tissue helps to make the lives of people with conditions like diabetes, which causes poor or slow healing, more manageable.

He has established himself as a filmmaker with a growing reputation in Hollywood. Credits to his name include Wakefield (2016), starring Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston, and the critically-acclaimed Marshall (2017). He is developing a platform that combines his knowledge of film, health and technology to provide patients with the level of training required to make the use of medical products as simple as possible.

Kevin lives with his wife of thirty years, Sharon, and has six children. He serves on the board of a number of different charities in his native Arkansas, and in 2014 he and his wife were named the Arkansas Philanthropists of the Year.

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