Build a Profitable Healthcare Practice
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About the podcast

The iProv Made Podcast aims to provide small business owners with useful and interesting ideas to grow their businesses. Drawing on our experiences in the industry, we discuss the challenges of healthcare marketing and how the best marketing experts solve them and bring success.


iProv Made is a podcast that enables healthcare leaders to put more money in their pockets by implementing simple processes and building systems that force discipline into their organizations. The process and discipline discussed in each episode is supported by healthcare leaders, books, vendors, and even access to exclusive conferences.

RJ Martino

I love helping people reach their full potential. After leading iProv for almost 20 years, I started this podcast to cement my philosophy on how to build a profitable healthcare practice. At my core, I am a connector. In any given episode, I may connect you to a personal friend, the latest technology trend, or a procedural change that will change not only your practice but – your life!

Jordan Smith

I have consulted hundreds of organizations over the last 6 years! I have seen first hand, what a flourishing practice can do to an individual practice owner. I have helped practice owners transition from restless nights and reluctance to go into the office – into living a fulfilled life and a renewed excitement to get to the office each morning.

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iProv Made: Build a Profitable Healthcare Practice