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About the podcast

The iProv Made Podcast aims to provide small business owners with useful and interesting ideas to grow their businesses. Drawing on our experiences in the industry, we discuss the challenges of healthcare marketing and how the best marketing experts solve them and bring success.


This podcast is a launching pad for us. It’s a way to help a community of business leaders grow their organizations by providing them with resources and services, including books, vendors, white papers, videos, and even access to exclusive conferences, focused on these organizations and their success.

RJ Martino

I started this podcast, because I want to grow my organizations. I love talking to the guests,  learning more about the industry, and creating personal connections along the way. I also love technology, and this podcast gives me the opportunity to explore the power and reach of podcasting as a tool for communication, problem solving, and professional growth.

Jordan Smith

This industry has always interested me. I love the challenge of learning new things, and this podcast is the perfect way to explore more of the industry with our guests. I’m excited to help business owners develop market strategies, engage their audiences, and grow their brands to facilitate meaningful change in their communities.

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