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This marketing partnership powered a 443% increase in website visitors and 1,000% increase in conversions (and that was just in the first year!). Check out how we did it, and then see where we are today.

Check out how we did it, and then see where we are today.


A leading Arkansas OB/Gyn clinic used inbound marketing to increase patient base and grow their online presence.

April 2015-April 2016:

Increase in website visitors: 443%
Increase in conversions: 1000%
Cost per Conversion for the year: Between $3 – $7 dollars per conversion
New patient sign ups via the website: 2,359 for the year or an average, or 196 new patients per month. Increase of 9,729%

Arkansas OB/Gyn
Little Rock-based OB/Gyn practice

Where We Started

Little Rock-based OB/Gyn practice, The Woman’s Clinic, had a small online presence, but their patient growth was at a standstill. Before iProv began, the practice’s website started with just a little under 150 visitors per month and was only bringing in an average of 1-2 new patients per month. Traditional marketing had done a little bit to supplement their patient growth, but their practice needed a jolt of life so that they were not just surviving, but thriving.

To kick things off, we conducted a comprehensive inbound marketing gap analysis to assess the clinic’s ability to attract qualified prospects, convert them to leads, and capture them as patients. This assessment evaluated The Woman’s Clinic website, content marketing, conversion capabilities, and a variety of other best practices correlated to high marketing ROI for medical clinics.

“Our inbound marketing analysis let us to take a holistic view of what The Woman’s Clinic team was doing and make suggestions about areas they could improve,” said RJ Martino, iProv’s president. “The result was a comprehensive plan that optimized the website for inbound marketing and created an aggressive inbound marketing program.”

Online Refresh

First things first: we needed a website redesign in order to optimize the site for users and encourage appointment requests, phone calls, and contact form submissions. The original site lacked compelling calls to action and wasn’t encouraging visitors to call or make an appointment.

Linking Two Strategies to Grow

Once the site was refreshed and ready for visitors, iProv tackled this challenge with a two-tiered strategy: build organic search ranking using SEO best practices, and use pay-per-click advertising to get leads as the site gained traction in organic rankings

Online Refresh
Getting Social With Patients

Getting Social With Patients

We also took the reins on their social media accounts so that the clinic could do what they did best: care for patients. During this year, the following for The Woman’s Clinic Twitter and Facebook increased by 96%.

Connecting Skilled Doctors with Patients

The OB/Gyn Blog that Broke the Internet

Now, we don’t like to brag… but when a client’s blog post appears on Google as the first result below the snippet, we know we’ve done our job.

The blog post entitled Cysts, Fibroids, and Polyps—What’s the Difference & What Could Be Cancer gained so much traction since it was originally posted in 2015 that it gets an average of over 11,000 new visits per month.

The Clinic’s Busiest Day

At the same time that this blog post was gaining steam, The Woman’s Clinic had their biggest day yet: in one day, over 200 patients visited this OB/Gyn clinic of just five doctors and one APRN.

This is proof positive that SEO marketing works—the more you show up in Google, the more visitors come to your site, and the more people call and make appointment requests!

You can get the same incredible growth for your healthcare business. We want to talk today. Let’s get started!

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Clinic’s Busiest Day