Small Team. Big Results.


At iProv, we work a little differently. We’re not like other vendors, agencies, or service providers. We become part of your team. We ask to be responsible for producing results. We strive to earn our distinction as industry leading strategic consultants. We hold ourselves accountable for the success of your business, because our #1 goal is helping your business grow!

Who We Are

iProv is a marketing agency located in Little Rock, Arkansas. RJ and Roxane Martino founded iProv in 2001 by building custom apps and websites on a project-by-project basis. The company has grown into a full-service marketing firm. We service dozens of clients in Arkansas and beyond. We operate using flat-rate, monthly service packages that are custom-designed to meet your needs.

What We Do

Think of us as your full-time marketing department. We manage search engines, social media, and digital marketing to generate leads and sales for our web clients. If your goal is own a website that generates better and more qualified leads, call us! We will put together a plan that fits your budget and your goals.

Why We Do It

Technology should work for you, not against you. We not only help our clients transition into an increasingly digital world, but also help them succeed in it. We understand the challenges of running a business where every dollar matters. It’s why we charge an affordable monthly fee instead of billing by the project or per hour. Earning our client’s trust is the most important thing we do at iProv. It’s that trust that has allowed us to build and maintain our business relationships for over a decade.

Our Core Values

For our team, that means encouraging personal and professional growth through our core values listed below.

Be Trustworthy and Reliable

The most important part of our business is the relationships we build with our clients. These relationships, built on trust, are the foundation for everything we do. Our clients rely on iProv to keep their businesses technology running and trust us to do what we say we’ll do on-time and on-budget every time.

Work with Energy and a Positive Attitude

Our clients want to work with us because we are smart, but they also like us because we’re fun. Working with energy and a positive attitude creates an environment people want to be a part of, it’s infectious. Doing good work and clients that like working with you is the recipe for long lasting success.

Always be Learning and Teaching

At iProv, we encourage each other to stay curious. Our team is always on the lookout for something new to learn. We crave new challenges, new information, and new ideas to explore with each other.

Be Accountable

Anyone can make promises. Delivering what you promise is much harder. At iProv, our clients expect results and hold us accountable with their checkbooks. We deliver it’s that simple.

Show Thought Leading Expertise

We’re not ashamed to say we are a team of smart and capable people. Our clients want experts working to improve their businesses. They want us to be the “smartest guys in the room,” and we work to maintain a level of technical expertise worthy of that status.

Be Kind in Giving Guidance

No one wants to work with jerks, know-it-alls, or bullies. At iProv we try to foster an open and supportive work environment where anyone is welcome, and everyone gets a voice. We encourage peer mentoring and look for ways to help each other grow both as a person and as a professional.

Ready to Talk?

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