Digital Media Buying

Companies are using digital advertising in increasingly subtle and unique ways, attracting customers without directly advertising their brand. But as effective as these tactics are, don’t lose sight of the more traditional forms of online marketing, which are still effective and can bring important publicity to your company.

When done the right way, digital media buying makes a key contribution to your marketing efforts. As specialists in digital marketing for healthcare, iProv designs, launches, and manages ads on the Google search network, display network, and many other platforms for a range of health organizations. With our assistance, you’ll have no trouble incorporating ads into an appealing, effective campaign.

iProv’s Digital Media Solutions

Our team has experience buying and managing a myriad of digital ads, including:

  • Search Ads – These ads appear at the top of consumers’ results when they search on Google and other engines. They are so effective because they’re tailored to the specific terms entered in the engine, making them highly relevant to users.
  • Video Pre-Rolls – Defined as short clips that appear at the beginning of a video, these ads combine audio and visual content into a single spot. This increases their appeal, making people more likely to remember them and your company.
  • Display Ads – These ads, which can involve text, video, audio, or any number of other features, appear on web pages. They are most effective if they relate directly to those pages and if they can catch users’ attention without distracting them.
  • Geo-Targeted Ads – These ads target people in specific locations. They are most effective for bringing in customers to businesses that need foot traffic or that only appeal to people in particular places.
  • Remarketing Ads – Advertising isn’t just about raising awareness among people who don’t know about your company. It also involves getting people who have been to your site to come back for a purchase. By designing remarketing ads for multiple different formats, we make sure you never lose the attention of a likely customer.

iProv is prepared to design and manage ad campaigns in an array of different locations, but we are particularly adept at marketing through Google. We are a trained and certified Google Partner, having mastered all the skills necessary to advertise effectively on the search engine and its subsidiaries. We strive to keep this knowledge up to date, notably by organizing Google Partners Connect events where we can network with other leaders in digital media buying.

For more information on digital media buying and other marketing services for your health organization, contact iProv today.