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How iProv Makes Technology Work for Your Business

When you buy managed services from iProv, you get a team of IT and web marketing professionals working to make your life easier. Professionals, working to make your business more successful. It’s simple. We take care of the complex tasks involved in managing the evolving technologies that power your business. You take care of running your business.

Let Us Handle the Chores

Most business owners could use fewer chores in their lives and time is valuable. Don’t waste time on chores like installing updates and security patches or keeping your website up to date. Outsource your technology chores with managed services from iProv. Hire a team of trained professionals who’ll work 24/7 to make sure all the little things get done so you can focus on the big things.

On Call, Not On Staff

It takes a lot more than hardware and software to run most businesses. It takes people. People get sick. People don’t answer their phones during a crisis. People put their interests ahead of the health and success of your business. People are expensive. Why pay for downtime? With managed services from iProv you get a team of professionals that are on-call…not on your payroll.

Get a Life

The one thing our customers all want more of is more time. More time for hobbies. More time for their family. More time for doing the things they love. No one wishes they had more time for maintaining technology. With managed services from iProv you get more time to do things that matter most to you. We make sure your technology is always running and always up to date, and you get more time for what’s important.


A great design can’t do all of the work alone- iPov gives you the solutions you need to succeed. Driving results online requires the right mix of skills and expertise, It takes great content, social networking, search engine optimization, digital marketing, and proper measurement of ROI to the see results. Treat like your online marketing consultants and allow our expert staff develop and implementing a strategy that increases engagement and drives prospective customers to come to YOU.



The best website designs are the kind that draw you in with beautiful graphics, easy navigation, and plenty of information to browse. Overall, engagement is the #1 goal. You need a website that clearly establishes your brand and communicates what you want a website visitor to know while providing multiple opportunities for them to convert into a lead.



When consumers do a Google search for something they need or want to know, every business wants their website to show up as the first result. Search engine optimization and search engine marketing strategies work together to build your search engine ranking by integrating each piece of your online presence under the same goal and central messaging.



Our Google AdWords certified web team can manage your search, display, and video advertising to maximize the reach of your company’s message across the Internet. Because we employ primarily pay-per-click campaigns in every client strategy, you only pay for the ad if it actually draws someone to your website.



Content is king – especially when you’re looking to establish yourself as an industry leader. Consistently publishing new, keyword-optimized, and authoritative posts to your blog is the key to your online marketing strategy if you want to boost your search engine ranking and provide valuable insight to potential customers.



Did you know that consumers spend more time on social media than any other Internet activity? Let us develop your message across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and more to increase brand awareness and engage your audience.



How good are any of your company’s successes if you aren’t sharing them? On the other hand, how successful is your marketing activity if you don’t receive feedback? Email campaigns are essential to maintaining a measurable sense of connectivity with current and potential customers and identifying how they are interacting with your company throughout the buying cycle.

Managed IT Solutions

No business can afford to be unprepared for disaster recovery. Even short term computer outages can cripple your productivity. You need peace of mind that your mission critical data is recoverable from disaster, and your computer systems are well maintained and running at peak performance. A Managed IT package from iProv gives you that peace of mind at a fixed rate, eliminating your risks and controlling your costs.


Business IT Support

iProv IT has certified engineers available to troubleshoot your server problems. Call us, and we will immediately dispatch a team of professionals who will have it fixed faster than anyone in the business! We realize that monthly or annual plans are not for everyone. If a traditional monthly setup is not for you, iProv offers a single-incident-based technical solution for your server issue. This also allows you to get comfortable with us before committing to a long-term managed service agreement.


Data Protection

If a flood, fire, or other natural disaster destroyed your office, how would you recover? What if your data was compromised by employee theft or hackers? Would you still have access to the vital data and IT infrastructure that serve as the framework for your business? iProv IT provides complete data backup and data recovery options to protect small and medium-sized businesses in Little Rock, AR from events like these.

We offer safe and secure data protection plans to guard your important business information against loss due to hackers, mechanical failures, system errors, and more with our specially-designed data recovery solutions.


Cloud Services

Business leaders are looking for cloud solutions to help control IT costs, increase productivity, and deliver more value back to the business. iProv provides both the thought leadership and the services that businesses need to make cloud technologies work.

One of the top concerns for a business of any size is data storage and backup. iProv’s data backup cloud solution offers a “file server in the cloud” so there’s no need for a physical backup server. Our solution is also a great way to get remote access to your files.

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