Traditional Vs. Digital Marketing

For all the interest in content, video, search engines, and social media marketing, traditional publicity continues to play an important role in the healthcare industry. And it’s not particularly hard to see why; health organizations are often highly local, so implementing a traditional element to your marketing seems like a good way to reach your local market. But is it?

As much sense as it makes to continue using traditional methods, health providers should consider the benefits of establishing a digital presence. To do so, it’s helpful to think about why online marketing has been overtaking billboards and TV spots. You can then identify ways in which your organization may benefit from taking part in the trend towards digital.

Understanding the Rise of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has been replacing traditional publicity for a number of reasons, including:

  • Size & Scope – Given the growing need to appeal to customers in distant locations, marketers have found billboards limiting, as they are only visible to people who drive by them. TV spots are somewhat better, but they still only reach people within your media market, unless you’re willing to pay top dollar for ads that are visible throughout the nation. By contrast, digital marketing can reach millions of people all over the world, or in any particular geographic location that you target.
  • Timing Flexibility – Besides being limited in their locations, traditional ads tend to be visible solely at certain times. Consumers only see billboards at the time when they’re on the road; likewise, TV spots are only visible to them if they happen to watch television while they’re airing. But digital ads are visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, increasing your chance of catching promising consumers at the right moments. As with location, you can also target ads to appear at specific times if you know when potential customers are likely to be active online.
  • Interactivity – Billboards and TV spots simply give out information; consumers don’t have the opportunity to interact with them in any way. But thanks to recent advances in programming, it is becoming increasingly possible to make ads interactive. This boosts customer engagement and makes the ads more memorable.

iProv is committed to helping all healthcare organizations in Arkansas take advantage of these and other benefits from digital marketing. Our team will create and manage online content suited specifically to your company, and show it to the specific audiences where it resonates the most. For more information, get in touch with us today.